Rouxel SA founded by Claude Rouxel in St Chéron in the Paris region

First milling passes



Dourdan plant

The company expands to new industrial premises. The company begins manufacturing moulds for engineered parts, in particular for the car industry



We enter the packaging sector

The first moulds for high volume production are manufactured

Creation of a test centre with 2 powerful injection machinemade by NETSTAL. This is our first venture into high speed manufacture.



At the cutting edge of technology. The first moulds for high volume production are manufactured
  • Stack mould
    For manufacturing hinged containers
  • Unscrewing mould
    For manufacturing caps
  • hot runners’ Rouxel

It is the first system designed and manufactured in-house. It is integrated into the moulds in order to maintain the temperature up to the point of injection.



The company expands
And so does its product range
  • Packaging
  • Healthcare packaging
  • Caps


Incorporation of CAD/CAM design

First Packaging Trade Fair

1988-images-historique12 1988-images-historique13


First automatic closure systems in the mould

Following injection of the part, the mould allows the cap to be closed automatically on the base in the mould, avoiding manual reworking on the part of the client.

  • Double closure on a hinged cap
  • Double flap closure on a flip top cap
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In-mould labelling (IML)

As a specialist in moulds for packaging, we are among the first to master this technology in Europe.

1990-images-historique17 1990-images-historique18 1990-images-historique19


Filing of a patent for the design of a product

This is a hinged container. The manufacturing process makes it possible to attach an IML at the same time. Rouxel is responsible for the design and manufacture of the robot.

1993-images-historique20 1993-images-historique21


The number of cavities increases
  • 24-cavity mould for flip top caps with an automatic closure system designed by our teams
  • 48-cavity mould for oil bottles
1994-images-historique22 1994-images-historique23


As an example, the mould for a bi-material lid with an external elastomer edging is both aesthetically pleasing and has a soft touch. The internal seal is injected at the same time as the external edging.



Investment in new technology, a long-standing strategy
  • Automated HSM with palletisation
    Faster and more accurate machining for continuous manufacture
  • 5-axis milling machine
    An extra axis for product variation
2001-images-historique25 2001-images-historique26 


Our informatics evolves and the test centre increases its capability

The development and installation of ERP represents a giant leap forward for the company in the industrialisation of production methods.


A new plant opens in Saint Arnoult

Doubling in size, modern premises, air-conditioned, sound-proofed and the most suitable lifting equipment

2004-images-historique29 2004-images-historique30 2004-images-historique31 2004-images-historique32


Design of moulds for new products

The 8 double diffuser moulds with rotational slides, which flooded the cosmetics sector at that time.

An example of a stack mould for a takeaway container.

2005-images-historique33 2005-images-historique34


A new MD, new directions

Claude ROUXEL passes the business on to his son Frederic.



Production of numerous multi-cavity moulds
  • 24-cavity mould for variable flow-rate pouring spout
  • 32-cavity mould for cosmetics tube
2010-images-historique36 2010-images-historique37


Design of complex moulds

notre capacité à trouver des solutions performantes est largement mise à l’épreuve.

  • 4+4 cavity mould for square container 120 mm tall
  • 24-cavity dispenser mould that can be automatically adjusted for different volumes
2011-images-historique38 2011-images-historique39


The company celebrates its 40th year, and goes from strength to strength.
  • The test centre expands with the addition of a travelling crane.
  • We invest in a second automatic HAUSER coordinate grinding machine.
2012-images-historique40 2012-images-historique41  2012-images-historique43 2012-images-historique44


  • New 550t Evos in the test centre
  • Rouxel invests in the North American market
    Franco-Quebec partnership with Techno-Moules
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